Aromatherapy + Your Emotions

Tired of being angry?

Did you know that every time you're angry, you do harm to your physical body?

I've always been interested in the physiological changes associated with emotion. For example, what happens on the inside when we stress, are jealous, hate or are bitter.

As humans, we were not created to remain in negative states for prolonged periods of time. The more I research this area the more I am convinced that we are inflicting more harm on ourselves than climate change, Donald Trump, social media addiction ever will.

Maybe that's why I named my range after healed states of emotion...maybe we should be working really hard to find peace and quiet in our lives....or to embrace calm balance....because apart from making us feel good...its GOOD for our mental and physical health.

If you're interested in learning MORE about how Aromatherapy can be PART of the process to healing and health then join me at my upcoming workshop.


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Stay well. ❤

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