You deserve beautiful skin!

You deserve beautiful, smooth skin and it starts with our new Soothe & Smooth facial oil

As our skin matures, it can become dry, dehydrated and there can be a natural decrease in our natural oil production.

Protect and nourish your beautiful face and décolletage (neck and chin) with our aromatic, moisture rich blend of pure frankincense, jasmine and soothing chamomile essential oils combined with Sweet Almond oil to help promote a clear and healthy complexion.

I've made this facial oil easy to use. 

The bottle comes with a glass dropper so you can ensure you use a little at a time. 

All you need is a few drops consistently over 3 - 4 weeks to see a difference in your skin.

Use twice a day (morning and evening) on your face and and décolletage (neck and chin). 

Massage deeply into your forehead, cheeks, jaw line and neck until absorbed.

I can't wait to hear from you how this oil has changed your skin and given you the confidence to smile again and embrace your beauty.

You deserve beautiful skin. You really do!

Stay well beautiful,