A life with less stress!

Our Stress Buster range is an intense, powerful combination of uplifting mandarin, calming wild chamomile and rejuvenating clary sage to support recovery from anxiety and calm your emotions.

Stress occurs when excessive demands are placed on an individual’s physical, mental or emotional resources. The body reacts by boosting levels of adrenaline – the hormone that prepares us for fight or flight in situations of danger.

Our inability to shut down and switch off is doing us more harm than good.

Living a fast paced lifestyle has consequences including stress, nervous fatigue, poor mental health, headaches, depression and more.

Clinical research shows that the combination of smell and touch can have a profoundly nourishing and comforting effect on your wellbeing. We are firm believers that aromatherapy is one part of a healthy, holistic approach to life.

We create our blends to support you to live better every day. Here are our top tips on how to use our Stress Buster range to bust stress out of your life:

Stress Buster Pulse Point- Simply apply to your choice of pulse points on your body. For example your temple, forehead and inside of your wrists when you’re having a ‘moment’ and need to calm down.

Combine your Stress Buster pulse point with these tips on breathing exercises for stress.

Stress Buster Massage & Body Oil - Use liberally for a calming full body massage experience. You may find this blend beneficial if you are experiencing periods of intense stress and emotional distress.

Stress Buster Bath Soak - Place a generous amount (4 – 5 tablespoons) directly under running water for an invigorating bath to overcome mental and emotional exhaustion. Ensure salts and bath water are mixed thoroughly before stepping into bath. Light a few candles and enjoy.

Be Still My Heart Blend - To create a quiet, soothing space add 3 – 4 drops in your diffuser or oil burner and top with up to 10ml of water. Please do not leave your diffuser or burner unattended.

Add 2 – 3 drops on a tissue and inhale deeply when you feel you’re about to have a ‘moment’ (adult word for chucking a tantrum / losing the plot). (Or you could use our Stress Buster pulse point).

Be Still My Heart Herbal Tea - a soothing blend of 100% organic herbs of cinnamon, lemon peel and cardamom with gentle wisps of calendula to create a comforting, heart-warming exotic blend for relief from mental fatigue and stress related conditions.

Read an uplifting and positive passage from ‘High Hopes’ – a collection of thoughts and shorts poems for moments of focused reflection.

Small changes can have a lasting impact on your stress levels.

What’s one small change you can make today?

Here’s a life with less stress.

Stay well,