Beat Mental Fatigue

Mental fatigue is exhausting. If you find it hard to concentrate on tasks, have too much on your plate are easily irritable, impatient and are snapping at everything that moves – I would suggest making time to press pause and not do further damage to yourself.

Mental exhaustion can be the cause of procrastination, avoidance, perfectionism, indecision and apathy.

With everything going on around the world at the moment, its safe to say anxiety and mental fatigue are on the rise.

What can you do to stay sane?

1. Break the routine.
Are you refreshing the news feed for the fifth time? Give your brain the chance to process something new. Read a book. Watch your favourite movie and put the phone (or computer) away.

2. Spark joy!
Do something that brings you joy. Take a walk (in an open area), go for a ride, cook your favourite meal. Dance. Find something that brings you joy!

3. Focus on what you can control.
Wash your hands. Practice social distancing and do what you can to stay safe. Spending time thinking about what could happen is emotionally exhausting which leads to mental fatigue.

Give your brain a rest and give it a chance to restore so when crunch time does come - you are prepared to make GOOD decisions.