How to prevent burnout!

The end of the year is sadly synonymous with burnout, exhaustion, anxiety and stress. 

According to multiple resources, the signs and symptoms of burnout may include:
Increased errors, fatigue, irritability, increased frustration, apathy, insomnia, substance abuse, high blood pressure, exhaustion, anger and more.

So, what can you do to prevent burnout? Especially if you're a high achiever who needs everything done just so?.

Delegate. I know for all my 'Type A' people that this is a hard one - cause you believe that you have to do it all. While it may temporarily annoying to explain a task to someone it's short term inconvenience for long term gain. Free up some time.

Exercise. Take part in an activity that helps you increase your heart rate. It could be swimming, tennis or golf. Dont have the cash or time to join the gym? There are plenty of free workouts available on YouTube.

Create. When was the last time you completed a jigsaw puzzle? Or coloured in a colouring book or did some karaoke? Make time to be creative. Make time to explore new hobbies.

Relax. Use your Fleurette favourites to relax and unwind. Something as simple as using your favourite pulse point or adding your favourite oil blend to your diffuser is a great way to take 5 and just be.
I'm sure your workplace appreciates you but dont sacrifice your health for the sake of work. Some things can wait...the world won't cave in. Promise.