Massage / body oil is so misunderstood...

Massage / body oil is so misunderstood.

Many people stay away from it cause they don't want to feel greasy.

Fair enough.

Greasy mineral based oils aren't fun to use and they don't absorb into the skin as well as some natural oils do.

I've always stuck by Sweet Almond oil. Its hands down the most versatile and easily absorbed oil that can be effectively used by most skin types.

If you have nut allergies - I recommend using Calendula, Avocado or Jojoba carrier oils.

Back to the tips on how to use body oil everyday:

1. A little goes a long way. You get to control how much oil you use so find the amount you like and use it all over your body.

2. Massage your stomach and the other forgotten areas of your skin that dont get a mention...behind your thighs, back of your arms and legs - as much of your.back as you reach yourself. Drench those stretch marks in it.

3. CONSISTENCY - use it everyday!
Give it a week of consistent application and you'll notice the difference in your skin...promise.

Here's to smoother, beautiful, softer skin that you deserve ❤❤❤ all Fleurette massage oils are made with 100% essential oils. No fluff here.