Clean Air – Hay Fever Relief Kit

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Spring is the time of renewal, beauty and regeneration – but for hay fever sufferers, it can be a trying time filled with anti-histamines, swollen eyes, runny noses, allergic reactions and weird stares when you sniffle (thanks Covid!).

Our new kit is made with pure essential oils to help you find temporary relief from symptoms of sinusitis, nasal congestion or hay fever when you need it most.

Made with our popular Clean Air range – A refreshing, powerful, clean, lemony, penetrating and crisp blend of pure essential oils of Lemon (citrus limonum), Tea Tree (melaleuca lternifolia), Eucalyptus (eucalyptus globulus).

Your new Clean Air Hayfever Relief kit comes with:

Clean Air Essential Oil blend – For temporary relief from symptoms of sinusitis, nasal congestion or hay fever add 3 – 4 drops in your diffuser or oil burner and top with up to 10ml of water. Please do not leave your diffuser or burner unattended.

Clean Air Pulse Point – To clear congestion and support recovery from symptoms of cold and flu - roll on your pulse points or onto your palms, cup them over your nose and inhale deeply two or three times.

Clean Air Body Oil - For relief from sinusitis, bronchitis or hayfever - use as a chest and back rub or add a few drops to a warm bath to support recovery from nasal congestion, catarrh, coughs and symptoms of colds.

Hayfever Relief Guide – filled with practical, proven tips on how to manage hayfever symptoms naturally.

Australia wide shipping available.