Your beautiful face deserves the best. Discover our range of facial oil and face mists. 

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Face Mist Bundle

If you love our pure face mists - you'll love this bundle.  Face Mists are a great way to refresh your face, neck and hair when needed. The Peace & Quiet face mist is ideal for hot, sticky summer days when you need to cool down to get to sleep...
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Peace & Quiet Face Mist

Gentle & Calming pure face mist  Take a deep breath – and let the weight of the world fall off your shoulders with our calming, peaceful fine face mist with purified water and pure essential oils of lavender, chamomile and soothing ylang...
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Calm Balance Face Mist

Soft & Soothing pure face mist  Find a moment of calm balance with our gently soothing fine face mist with purified water and pure essential oils of Bulgarian rose, chamomile and balancing geranium to hydrate and freshen up your beautiful face...
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Revive & Restore Face Mist

Fresh and uplifting pure face mist  Energise your senses and restore your get up and go with our refreshing fine face mist with purified water and pure essential oils of lemon myrtle, rosemary with stimulating hints of peppermint to hydrate and...
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Face Mask

**IN STOCK** We can all do our part to stay safe - wearing a face mask is one way to help keep you and your family and friends safe.  Face masks can be worn when shopping, travelling on public transport, visiting the elderly or immuno-suppressed...
Quick View Fleurette Facial Oil for dry, devitalised skin.

Soothe & Smooth Facial Oil

‘Soothe & Smooth’ aromatherapy facial oil for dry and devitalised skin (30mL). Protect and nourish your beautiful face and décolletage (neck and chin) with our aromatic, moisture rich blend of pure frankincense, jasmine and...
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