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Aromatherapy Gift Box

Fleurette Mystery Gift Box

When was the last time you received a pleasant surprise? A Fleurette Mystery gift box is the self-care gift you need to send yourself or a friend.  And it’s available for great value. For $50, you will receive a minimum of $110 worth of...
Quick View Rest & Relax Gift Collection

Rest & Relax Gift Collection

Keep life simple with our new ‘Rest & Relax’ gift collection – an elegant gift to encourage much needed self-care. We've handpicked the following spa and wellness essentials to help you feel alive, refreshed and renewed...
Quick View A Beautiful Escape Gift Collection

A Beautiful Escape Gift Collection

Our NEW ‘A Beautiful Escape’ gift collection has been carefully curated to help lift tired minds, exhausted spirits and worn hearts. There is no shame in taking time out to recharge and reconnect with all those things that help you feel...
Quick View A New Day Gift Collection

A New Day Gift Collection

FREE SHIPPING // READY TO SHIP AUSTRALIA WIDE Do you know someone who needs a break? A change? A release? Our NEW ‘A New Day’ gift collection has been mindfully curated to help you unwind, relax and start new, healthier habits. We have...
Quick View Room Mist Refill 250ml

Room Mist Refill

  INTRODUCING our new REFILL room mist range now available in 250ml.  If you love our room mists - you'll love this option to always have your favourite room mist on hand.  Our REFILL room mists are available in the following...
Quick View Fleurette Aromatherapy Wellbeing at Work Gift Box - Newcastle, Hunter Valley

Wellbeing at Work Gift Collection

Are you working from home or the office? Chances are it’s time for a desk refresh and a chance to create an inspiring space to work, focus and be intentional. Introducing our new ‘Wellbeing at Work’ gift collection perfect for a desk...
Quick View Fleurette Aromatherapy Self Care Essentials Collection - Newcastle

Self-Care Essentials Collection

Self-care should be simple and sweet.  You have enough to think about without over complicating self-care. Wherever you find time alone -  in the shower or on the train on the way to work - use those precious moments to care for yourself...
Quick View Fleurette Aromatherapy A Cosy day In Gift Box - Newcastle, Hunter Valley

'A Cosy Day In' Gift Collection

Sometimes the best medicine for your soul is a cosy day in.  A day with no masks. No QR codes. No social distancing. No crowds. Just you, some delicious chocolate, amazing tea, a good book and a home that smells like bliss.   Our 'A Cosy...
Quick View Fleurette Jute Bag

Jute Shopping Bag

A stylish and sustainable reusable bag made with sustainably sourced jute.  Perfect for presenting your Fleurette gifts when you don't feel like using wrapping paper. Perfect to take to your next market.  Voila!     
Quick View Fleurette Aromatherapy - Bring the Spa to Me Gift Collection. Pamper Gift Box.

'Bring the Spa to Me' Collection

Ready to ship. Free delivery Australia wide.   Isn't it everyone's dream to spend a weekend at a luxurious spa and be waited on hand and foot? To be gently massaged and pampered, while sipping on delicious cocktails...living without a care in the...
Quick View Deluxe Simple Mindful Moments Collection

Deluxe - Simple Mindful Moments Collection

Ready to ship. Free delivery Australia wide.   This may be the perfect gift for the workaholic in your life.  Or the friend who doesn't know how to relax and put their feet up. The tired colleague who needs to know that life is...
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