Fleurette Classics Collection

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A well-rested body produces a beautiful mind.

Encourage her to practice self-care in style with our luxe collection of spa themed essentials for her body and home.

Fleurette Classics is an ideal gift for thank you, get well soon, thinking of you, relax and unwind, congratulations, birthdays and so much more. Suitable for both personal and professional giving.



  • Beautiful Fleurette Aromatherapy gift box made with recycled materials.
  • Organic Herbal Tea – Put the stress of the day aside, calm your mind and enjoy a relaxing, soothing cup of our herbal tea.
  • Room Mist – A perfectly scented pick me up for your living spaces.
  • Body Oil – - Made with our unique blend of pure essential oils and Sweet Almond Oil. Use as a massage oil or a daily moisturiser for dry, devitalised skin. 
  • Pulse Point –Ready to use. Apply to your temples, forehead and pulse points for an aromatherapy experience wherever you are.
  • Herbal Bath Tea Bags - create an unforgettable and relaxing soak time.
  • Silk Eye Mask - Use to block out daylight for a refreshing daytime nap.
  • Luxe Reed Diffuser - Invite the gentle power of scent to surround your living in calm and comfort.
  • Face Mist – a hydrating mist to freshen up your face and neck. Perfect for hot summer days.
  • Golden Drops Nail Oil – Our popular, nourishing nail oil to help strengthen and moisturise your nails.

Our Fleurette Classics Collection is available in:

Peace & Quiet – with Tasmanian lavender and chamomile to support peaceful sleep and help relieve stress and tension.  

Revive & Restore – with lemon myrtle, rosemary and grapefruit essential oils to help refresh and uplift. 

Calm Balance – with rose and gentle chamomile to ease nervous tension and quiet racing thoughts. 

Fleurette Fusion - a variety of all our Fleurette blends.