Pulse Points

Fleurette Aromatherapy Pulse Points

Made with 100% pure and natural essential oils blended with Sweet Almond Oil - perfect for aromatherapy on the go.

Our aromatherapy pulse points come with a roll on applicator - ready to roll and safe to apply directly to your pulse points. Small and convenient to take on the go and powerful enough to help you soothe nervous tension or feel alive and alert! Simply apply to your temples, forehead and inside of your wrists. 

Our aromatherapy pulse points are available in four original blends from the heart - made with love:

Calm Balance (red) / soothing rose, quiet chamomile, balancing geranium

Peace & Quiet (purple) / relaxing lavender, quiet chamomile blue, soothing ylang ylang

Revive & Restore (green) / refreshing rosemary, fresh lemon, uplifting peppermint

Stress Buster (orange) / uplifting mandarin, calming chamomile, soothing clary sage

Quick View It's going to be OK Pulse Point

It's Going To Be Ok Pulse Point

It IS going to be ok. You are stronger than you know. This essential oil blend is an effective grounding and soothing blend to help you calm racing thoughts, find a moment to reassure yourself and turn overwhelm into peace. SCENT PROFILE: I blended...
Quick View Aromatherapy Pulse Point Bundle

Pulse Point Bundle

If you love our pulse points - you'll love this bundle.  Choose any 2 of our pulse points for the bundle price of $40 Simply select the types of pulse points (maximum of 2) you would like in the text selection section above and add this...
Quick View Clean Air Aromatherapy Pulse Point

Clean Air Pulse Point

Take a deep breath – and inhale nothing but clean air. Take a deep breath of Clean Air with our fresh and energising blend of tea tree, lemon and eucalyptus essential oils. This pulse point smells like walking through a lush, crisp, national park...
Quick View Peace & Quiet Aromatherapy Pulse Point - 15ml

Peace & Quiet Pulse Point

Take a deep breath and apply our Peace & Quiet pulse point for soothing, calming relief. Our pulse points are safe to apply directly to your skin. They are conveniently sized to fit into any handbag and effective enough to help soothe relieve...
Quick View Revive & Restore Aromatherapy Pulse Point - 15ml

Revive & Restore Pulse Point

Exhausted? Fatigued? Tired all the time? Our Revive & Restore pulse point is a stimulating, refreshing and reviving blend of pure essential oils – made especially to lift your spirits and restore your ‘get up and go’. If you need...
Quick View Stress Buster Aromatherapy Pulse Point - 15ml

Stress Buster Pulse Point

Stress is sign you’re out of balance. You’re feeling the pressures of life. Constantly. A never ending treadmill. It’s okay to drop the balls. Stop juggling and take care of you first. Our original Stress Buster blend is made with...
Quick View Calm Balance Aromatherapy Pulse Point - 15ml

Calm Balance Pulse Point

Exhale. Take a moment to regain your calm and find balance with our Calm Balance pulse point. It is a soothing, comforting blend of rose, geranium with gentle whispers of chamomile to help you calm down, reassess a situation and find a positive...
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