Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

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Find a quiet space.

Rest your mind.

Calm your thoughts with our luxe aromatic Aromatherapy Eye Pillow.

Cover your eyes with an eye pillow and take a little break.

Our new unscented eye pillows are made with organic flax seed (also known as linseed) to help apply gentle yet effective pressure to your eyes and forehead.

Our eye pillows come with a removable inner that you can scent with your favourite Fleurette essential oil blend OR enjoy unscented.

The benefits of using an eye pillow are SIMPLY amazing. Did you know that the simple act of putting an eye pillow on your forehead and eyes can help to lower tension, relieve eye strain and help calm your thoughts?


  1. Remove inner pillow from cover
  2. If scent is required, add 1 -2 drops of your favourite Fleurette essential oil blend directly onto the inner pillow. 
  3. Replace cover and place it over your eyes to support recovery from nervous tension and stress.

Please make your selection from the following pattern options in the text field above: 

  • Green Floral (green and emerald floral pattern)
  • Fresh Forest (plain sage green)
  • Rosy Dreams (rosy pink and light brown with dragonfly pattern)
  • Sand and Slumber (plain light brown)
  • Teal Dreams (light blue with dragonfly pattern)