If you love our product range - you'll love our Fleurette bundles.

What's a Fleurette bundle? 

A Fleurette bundle is a great way to purchase more than one of your favourite Fleurette products and enjoy their benefits.

For example, refresh yourself in the morning with our Revive & Restore range and wind down at night with our Calm Balance or Peace & Quiet range.

Here are the Fleurette bundles made specially for you:

ROOM MISTS - Choose any 3 of our room mists for the bundle price of $49.95

PULSE POINTS - Choose any 3 of our pulse points for the bundle price of $49.95

ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS - Choose any 2 of our original essential oil blends for the bundle price of $49.95

LUXE AROMATIC SOAP BARS - Choose any 3 of our soaps for the bundle price of $22.

HAND & BODY BALMS - Choose any 3 of our hand balms for the bundle price of $49.95