Anger is a false friend

Some anger is good for you.

But consistent angry outbursts can affect your cardiac health. Researchers say you are more likely to have a heart attack in 2 hours after an angry outburst. 

It might feel great to get an issue off your chest with an angry outburst, but keep in mind when you do – your heart rate and blood pressure increase…and chances you make the situation worse by reacting in anger. 

A Harvard study proved that consistent anger weakens your immune system.

Even worse than angry outbursts is repressed anger. You know the type. You keep it in because you don’t want to rock the boat or start another argument. 

Repressed anger can manifest as depression, people pleasing and passive aggressive behaviours. I know it’s easier said than done but do what you can to find another way to manage difficult / challenging situations. 

Consistent anger is simply not good for your health. Do yourself a favour and use one or a combination of the following essential oils (or one of our blends) to help you manage your anger:

Peppermint - Excellent when feeling hotheaded and on the verge of rage. Put 3 – 4 drops on a tissue and inhale deeply. (Revie & Restore pulse point). 

Chamomile (Roman) – A gentle soothing oil. Best for repressed anger when you do not feel understood and feel helpless to change the situation. (Peace & Quiet, Surrounded by Love, Its going to be OK).

Marjoram (Sweet) – A beautiful, woody and grounding oil. Perfect for when you’ve been experiencing long term anger and need to feel grounded. It is soothing and strengthening. 

Lavender – A tried and trusted go to. Calms emotions and helps with tension headaches. 

Rose – A gentle, floral hug in a bottle. Add 3 – 4 drops on a tissue and inhale deeply. (Calm Balance, Surrounded By Love)

Which scent helps you with anger? 

What helps you to calm down?