Rest is your super power...

Most of us are juggling crazy amounts of tasks and responsibilities. 

And most of us are doing our best to keep the balls in the air which can inevitably lead to burnout. 

The real question has to be - which ball or balls can I un-prioritise or outsource? 

Before you respond to that question - find your 'Be Still My Heart' essential oil blend or Peace & Quiet pulse point and put them to GOOD use. 

If using an essential oil blend - add some to your diffuser and inhale deeply for 2 minutes. 

If using a pulse point - roll it on your temple and inhale deeply for 2 minutes. 

We make better decisions when we are calm. Find a spot where you can be quiet and calm and evaluate what needs to stop, start and keep going so you can be the best version of you. 

You are not a machine. There is only so much you can do effectively. 

Which Fleurette scent helps you to slow your thinking and find your calm?