Revive & Restore -

Revive means to 'give new strength or energy to', to refresh, revitalise, to breathe new life into.

My prayer for you today is you find the courage the breathe new life into yourself.


Your health.

Your thinking.

Your self belief.

Your emotions.

Your confidence.

Spend a little time thinking of small ways you can revive and restore the areas of your life that are not serving you anymore.

Choose to make small, manageable, achievable changes. Refrain from making sweeping statements like 'I'm going to stop snapping at the kids''.

Be honest and gentle with yourself and start with 'I care about my relationship with my children and family so I will do x today'.

Keep making small, consistent changes and you will see a revival. 

We are all one decision from a better of living.

Change is where better things begin.

Breathe new life where you need it.

Revival starts with you.

I'm cheering you on.

Stay well,


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